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Your new Allday!

The search for your new Allday has finally come to an end!
BangJuice the explosive taste experience that’s 100% addictive

The BangJuice® bottles are simply filled up with your favourite base and only need to be shaken.

No syringe, no measuring cup or other accessories needed. Each bottle contains the ideal amount of aroma for 60ml liquid.

BangJuice® is supplied in the original 60ml Chubby Gorilla bottle.  BangJuice® flavours are now also available in the Chubby Gorilla V3 bottle.

Selected Flavours
BangJuice® contains only selected flavours from certified manufacturers worldwide.
This was the only way to create a unique taste experience.

German production
BangJuice® is produced in Germany without exception.  Experienced experts accompany the production from start to finish.
Accurate quality management is essential at BangJuice®.

Special maturing process

The maturing process developed by us has been thought through down to the smallest detail and has been tested several times.
This maturing process enables us to raise the quality of BangJuice® once again.


Bang Juice® Rainbow Bomb
(Content: 15ml flavour concentrate )
Taste description : An acidic fruit composition with a special tingling effect.

Bang Juice® Kola Cannonball
( Content: 10ml flavour concentrate )
Taste description: Kola mixed with lime and a secret ingredient.

Bang Juice® Infrared Fresh
( Content: 10ml flavour concentrate )
Taste Description: The red Superfood Inferno.
Juicy.  Fruity.  Fresh.

BangJuice® Razure Crushberry
( Content: 10ml flavour concentrate )
Taste Description : The sweet and refreshing childhood experience - an ocean of azure-colored berries on your tongue.

Bang Juice® Radioactea Edition
( Content: 15ml flavour concentrate )
Taste Description:  So beautifully radiated!  BangJuice® Radioactea!
In a chain reaction, juicy lemons react with black tea to form the ultimate nuclear iced tea flavor bomb.

BangJuice X VMC Flavours
Developed in cooperation with VMC.

Bang Juice® X VMC - Alpha Bravo
(Content: 10ml Aroma )
Taste Description: Pączki | Code name: AlphaBravo
The traditional Polish pastry -dipped in icing and filled with sweet jam according to an old family recipe.

Bang Juice® X VMC - Charlie Delta
( Content: 15ml Aroma )
Taste Description: Khao Niao | Code name: Charlie Delta
Steamed sticky rice with strawberries, vanilla, fresh milk, cream & a pinch of cinnamon sugar

Additional Products:

Bang Juice® Favourite Base 100% VG ( Content: 250ml Base )
Contents 250ml vegetable glycerine - 100% VG

Your new favourite base for optimal taste experience.

Simply fill up your BangJuice® bottles with BangJuice® Favorite Base.  After a quick shake of the bottle your liquid is ready to go!
1 Favorite Base from BangJuice® (250ml) is enough to fill up about 5-6 BangJuice® flavours

Atomic Sweet from BangJuice® is a diabetic’s worst fear!
Sweeter than an instagram feed full of cats & puppies.+
Add 1-2 drops of Atomic Sweet to your bottle and voilá - your liquid has never tasted sweeter.

Caution- Please pay attention to the dosage!
No more than 1-2 drops per 2ml liquid.

Content: 15 ML

Sorry, our ad writer got a little carried away in a candy frenzy.
Naturally, BangJuice® Atomic Sweet may also be used by diabetics.

Atomic Kool from BangJuice® will give you brain freeze.
Are you looking for the ultimate Kooling Kick?

1-2 drops into your liquid is enough to make you feel like riding into the Antarctic on a motorcycle without a shirt on.  Goosebumps guaranteed.

Caution- Please pay attention to the dosage!
No more than 1-2 drops per 2ml liquid.

Content: 15 ML
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